Brackenhill Dusk (Imp UK)


Stud: Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs

DOB: 10/07/2009
Official RAS Height: 2014 – 150.5 cm 20/1/2016
Colour DNA: tt AaEe Solid Bay. Carries one red gene and one black gene
DNA Verified Sire: The Tumbler
DNA Verified Dam: Brackenhill Orchid

NZGCA Stallion Soundness Cert : All clear 4/12/2014

PSSM1 Result: n/pssm1

FIS: Negative

Registration Info: NZGCA Pure-00016

Service Fee: $900 incl GST for AI plus collection and transport cost LFG

Service Fee: $1200 incl GST for natural service LFG

Available for live cover and AI
Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs
R D 3 Alexandra 9393 Central Otago
Ph. 03 4487717 or 021 2723200