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NZGCA Goodbye Winter Fun Show
14 August 2022 - Sunday
Cambridge RDA
8 Alpha Street, Cambridge
Entries close Thursday 11 August

Recycled Ribbon Day run by the New Zealand Gypsy Cob Association.

Many of us have had limited opportunities to get our young horses and our kids out for fun stuff over the last few seasons. This is intended to be a day to just enjoy our horses and kids. All welcome. Feel free to dress up for all classes! Clean horses preferred but no clipping/plaiting etc required.

Free for NZGCA members and registered Gypsy Cobs.

All others: $20 per family (up to three children with one pony each, subsequent ponies can be entered for $10 per pony).

No colts older than 12 months

Horses do not have to be Gypsy Cobs to enter.

Judge: Louise Wilson Steward: Mckenzie Dew

Venue: Cambridge RDA ( 8 Alpha Street, Cambridge)

(Numbers may be capped due to venue size)

Schedule & Entries

Kids and Ponies: 10.00am start

12 years and under

Fancy dress may be worn for all classes.

In-hand, lead rein and first ridden only:- parents may be in the ring with children at any time

1. Best Matched Parent and Child

2. Hairiest Pair

3. Best 6 Legs

4. Most Thelwell-like Pony

5. Most Cooperative Pony

6. Best Listening Child

7. Least Matching Child and Pony

8. Best Matching Child and Pony

9. Best Walking Pony

10. Fancy Dress

Youngstock (in-hand only)  -  Entries are on hold for these classes as we may have reached our capacity. Please email if you would like to be wait listed.

Start not before 1pm.

Age classes (all ages as of the 1st August)- judged on willingness, calmness and general training/handling – this is NOT a conformation class.

11. Weanling/Yearling

12. 2 Year Old

13. 3 Year Old

14. Best horse/handler combination

15. Bravest (will be asked to approach up to 3 novel objects - set up at a good distance)

16. Most cooperative (may be asked to walk, halt, pick up feet, be brushed etc...)

17. Most potential as a before and after advert for horse shampoo

18. Most potential to model horse brushes

19. Prettiest mare

20. Most handsome gelding/colt

21. Most likely to sit at the bar/coffee table and have a drink with you

22. Horse the judge would most like to take home

23. Fancy dress

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