NZGCA National On-Line Show Schedule


Entries close 5 pm on the 31 January 2022





- This is an on line show.  Horses and handlers must be presented as if they were competing at an A and P or NZGCA in-person show.

- Entry Fee $20 per horse

- One form per horse

  1. Horses MUST be registered & the owner a financial member of the New Zealand Gypsy Cob Association Incorporated at close of entries.

  2. Age of horse is recognised as from 1st August.  

  3. The NZGCA Committee reserves the right to alter/delete the programme as they see fit

  4. Photos must be taken specifically for this event. Photos from previous events may not be entered

  5. No digital manipulation or any alternation of the horse or handler in photos is allowed.



Photo requirements for classes 2-8 and 10-13, 15-21:

  • 4 standing photos- one of each side of the horse, one from the front and one from the rear.

  • One of the side on photos must have the tail arranged so that hocks can clearly be seen

  • The horse must be on a surface which allows clear viewing of legs to the ground (e.g. no long grass)

  • Suitability classes will be judged from the side on photos



Photo requirements classes 1, 9, and 14

The best presented photos must show the handler and the horse clearly. Please submit 2 photos- - one of each side. One side must clearly show the handler and should be slightly front on.

Classes 22 and 23:  Best presented ridden is formal ridden turnout. Presentation may be English, Side Saddle or Western. Please submit 4 photos- front, each side and rear.

Classes  24-25 (Harness entries) Please submit 4 photos- front, each side and rear.


Class 26: Christmas fancy dress- use your imagination – this is judges preference based on effort, and overall look in keeping with the theme. One photo only – may be in-hand, under saddle or in harness.


Class 27: Best child and cob combination (child is under 16 at 1st August). One photo, judging is based on the relationship demonstrated between the child and cob. May be in-hand, under saddle or in harness.


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Inhand Classes - Purebred

Champion & Reserve Champion Purebred Inhand Gypsy Cob

Suitability classes Purebred (Inhand OR ridden)
Inhand Classes - Partbred

Champion & Reserve Champion Partbred Inhand Gypsy Cob

Inhand Classes - Drum

Champion & Reserve Champion Drum Horse

Suitability classes Part-bred & Drums (Inhand OR ridden)
Ridden Classes

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Best Presented. Classes 1, 9 & 14

Classes 1,9 & 14
Classes 1,9 & 14

Classes 2-8; 10-13; 15-21


Best presented Ridden. Classes 22 & 23


Harness. Classes 24 & 25


Christmas Fancy Dress

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Best Child & Cob Combo

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