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The New Zealand Gypsy Cob Association (NZGCA) is proud to be the only Gypsy Horse breed society recognised by and affiliated to the Royal 
Agricultural Society (RAS), allowing us to hold partbred and purebred classes at A&P shows around the country. The NZGCA insists on DNA 
verification for New Zealand bred horses and has strict registration requirements for imported horses, with overseas-supplied DNA being 
re-tested in New Zealand to ensure total accuracy. Our studbook features horses imported from the UK (the home of the Gypsy Cob), the 
United States and Australia. We also support and encourage the registration of partbreds, recognising that they have a huge amount to 
offer people in New Zealand. So, welcome to the New Zealand Gypsy Cob Association, where we acknowledge the tradition and stay true to the authentic and unadulterated origins of the breed.


The NZGCA would like to welcome both new members and existing members. 

We hope that you enjoy being part of the NZGCA. We are a relatively new association with an expanding membership. It is an exciting time to have a Gypsy Cob as more and more people are starting to appreciate the qualities of these horses and ponies. 

The association is RAS affiliated and there may well be A & P shows in your area with Gypsy Cob classes. Most regions have a group of cobbies who get together for fun days or events as well as the more formal shows.  If you don't know who is in your area, most regions have either a committee member or a liaison person that we can put you in touch with.

The NZGCA website has registration and membership forms to download, the stud book and the list of registered stallions, the breed standard and show results, photos, NZGCA competitions, events, classifieds, the online stud book, and general info for members. Take the time to have a look and please, if you have photos of your Cobs, send them in to the webmaster for the photos page. 

NZGCA also has a Facebook page, We encourage you to share about your Cobs in this online community. Please note this is for sharing and discussion, not for raising of issues, problems etc.

In these instances please contact a committee member directly by phone or email. 

We hope that you enjoy being part of the Association. If there is any assistance that committee can provide please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Memberships from 1st August to 31st July

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