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Taking photos for NZGCA documents


  • Photos must be landscape and uploaded in a picture format eg .jpeg or .png

  • They must show the horse without tack/cover but in a halter or bridle

  • All four legs must be visible

  • The photo should be taken/cropped so that the handler is not visible

  • The horse must be standing side-on and square (i.e. not moving)

  • The tail should not obscure the hock closest to the camera

  • The background must not distract from the horse

  • Photos must NOT be digitally altered in any way, this includes 
    background OR horse



  • Pre plan

  • Arrange a helper or two

  • Tidy the area so you have a clean, clutter free background                                                                                                                               or use a photo editing programme to do your tidy up

  • Teach your horse to stand square before the photos are required

  • Start with a clean cob. Wash, or at least brush your horse before you                                                                                                           start and tidy up straggly or dirty tails /manes

  • Have a clean, well fitted bridle or halter

  • Have level ground for the horse to stand on

  • To take the photo, stand with the camera level with the horse’s girth                                                                                                             and at wither height

  • Have the far legs inside the near legs so all four legs are visible

  • The canon bone should be perpendicular to the ground (straight down)

  • The front leg closest to the camera needs to be straight or the                                                                                                                         horse will look like it is leaning

  • A contrasting colour to your horse can be helpful but don’t stand them                                                                                                            too close to it, so you avoid shading/ shadows

  • Lighting is important. The light shouldn’t be behind the horse, or it will appear to be in shadow. The best time to take photos is early morning or late afternoon- not midday when the sun is directly overhead

  • Ears forward (the horses not yours). This is where a helper and a bag of treats to shake are a huge help

  • Take plenty of photos and edit to remove unsightly bits in the background and crop to place the horse in the centre of the photo.







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