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  • A stud name is the name you want your stud to be known by.  A stud refers to a place where horses are kept with the intention to breed from them, usually with a stallion standing to the mares on the property and/or to outside mares. 

  • Stud names will not be registered that start with the word ‘gypsy’ as in for example ‘gypsy cob’, ‘gypsy vanner’, ‘gypsy dream’ or any other similar names. The words gypsy cob etc … can be used after the initial name as in Diamond Farm Gypsy Cobs or Diamond Farm Gypsy Horses. 

  • Stud names that are known to be the same as or very similar to existing registered horse studs (New Zealand or overseas, gypsy cob or otherwise) may not be used. 

  • Existing stud names which had already been previously registered are exempted from this. 



  • A prefix is word or phrase that is placed in front of the name of a foal bred by a stud. For example Galaxy Equine put Galaxy in front of all their foals e.g Galaxy Spring Fever



  • A suffix may used with horses belonging to but not bred by a stud when the horse does not already have a name registered to any stud. For example Plum of Diamond Farms.   Plum would be owned but not bred by Diamond Farm stud.



  • Any name that is not a profanity or likely to cause offence may be registered unless the name is already registered or the name contains the word ‘gypsy’. Horses may not be named in such a way as to cause confusion with internationally well known Gypsy Cobs. 

  • Once a horse is registered with a name, this name may not then be changed at any point in the future


The NZGCA committee may refuse to register a stud name or horses name  at the discretion of the committee. You will be notified of any issues with you choice of name by the committee.


Things to consider

Your cute wee foal is stuck with that registered name for life.

Chose something that it can carry with pride when its 21, not just something you think is cute or funny when its four months.

If the name is super long or hard to say/spell, you make it difficult for future owners and announcers.

It’s also more likely to get shortened or changed in the future.

For NZGCA registration purposes, the breeder has to be listed as the owner of the mare at the time of mating.

Unless alternative arrangements have been agreed, It is recommended that the horse is registered using the stud name of the breeder both to retain connection to the horse’s past and also show respect for the breeder.

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