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Stud Prefix / Suffix Application form
  • A stud name is the name you want your stud to be known by.  A stud refers to a place where horses are kept with the intention to breed from them, usually with a stallion standing to the mares on the property and/or to outside mares. 

  • Stud names will not be registered that start with the word ‘gypsy’ as in for example ‘gypsy cob’, ‘gypsy vanner’, ‘gypsy dream’ or any other similar names. The words gypsy cob etc … can be used after the initial name as in Diamond Farm Gypsy Cobs or Diamond Farm Gypsy Horses. 

  • Stud names that are known to be the same as or very similar to existing registered horse studs (New Zealand or overseas, gypsy cob or otherwise) may not be used. 

  • Existing stud names which had already been previously registered are exempted from this. 

Application Fee

Thank you!

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