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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a cumulative award that recognises performance in any in-hand, ridden and/or harness discipline throughout the horse’s lifetime. The award is designed in such a way as to encourage and reward those who continue to perform with their horses over the years. 

Points for this award can be accumulated in any ridden discipline including dressage, jumping, stock and station, cowboy challenge, showing, working equitation, games, harness and teams’ competitions. Lifetime Achievement certificates are awarded when the required number of points for a particular level is met. The points earned by any registered horse during its lifetime belong to the horse so all points earned by any individual horse will count in perpetuity. This allows points to accumulate over the horse’s lifetime and move with the horse should the horse be sold.

There are five Lifetime Achievement Levels that are achieved when the following points are attained: 







Note: To achieve Diamond Status, 150 of the 500 points must be from results under saddle/harness. After Diamond status has been achieved, all additional points for the Platinum level must be earned from ridden/harness events. No further credit will be available for in-hand points as the Platinum level is designed to recognise those outstanding individuals performing under saddle or in harness.   


More information on this award can be found by clicking the buttons below. 

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Point Score System

Award Recipients





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