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                                                      STALLION BREEDING HEALTH CERTIFICATE

* From the 1 August 2024 there will be a $250 Stallion Registration Fee

The stallion breeding registration certificate is NOT a grading or licensing certificate. It takes the form of a basic health check by a veterinarian to ensure basic heritable faults are not present.

There are two components to a stallion breeding health certificate


1. Health certificate.

The stallion will undertake an examination by an equine veterinarian which comprises the basic health check.  Should the vet find any of the conditions identified in the health check, the stallion will not be registered as a breeding stallion and progeny will not be registered.


2. Genetic testing (currently for PSSM and FIS).

This will be required, and results will be made publicly available via the online stud book. The emphasis of genetic testing is not on whether the genetic markers are present or absent as markers do not constitute disease. There is no prejudice against stallions that do or do not carry a particular marker, rather it is that the test results be available to breeders to make informed breeding decisions. 

Genetic Testing is done through Massey University - click here

6.0 REGISTRY AND STUD BOOK – (Extract from NZGCA constitution)

6.4 : All Pure and Part Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse stallions must have completed and passed the NZGCA Stallion Breeding Registration Certificate requirements prior to their foals being registered. This clause takes effect from 1 August 2023. After this time, progeny of stallions without a stallion registration certificate will not be eligible for registration.

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