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Committee Meetings 


Next committee meeting 30 November 2023


All members are welcome to join the Committee meetings with 24 hours' notice sent in a request to the Secretary at the email below.

Committee and Contacts 2023-2024

Please select the relevant email from the list below. We will endeavour to respond within 5 working days. 

Membership enquiries: Email  -


Registrations: Email  - 

Awards: Email -

North Island Shows: Email -

South Island Shows: Email -

Registration Forms can be found on the Forms page. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, stud suffixes/prefixes please contact the registrar on the email above. 

Sarah Carter-Hall

Vice President
Debra Garner

Committee Secretary

Tracy Wilde

Membership Secretary

Debbie Lister


Margot Wilde

Annika Jackson

Newsletter Editor: 

Pippa Newby

South Island Show Secretary:

Emmy Maxwell

North Island Shows

General Committee: 

Sally House

Erin Brett

Fiona Marett (Seconded)

Chelsea Richards (Seconded - Hawkes Bay Show Representative)

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