Show Results

Lists of shows hosting Gypsy Cob classes are on the NI and SI Show Dates page and more are added to the Facebook page as we hear about them.  

We look forward to all the pictures, experiences and results for the 2019/20 show season. Be sure to get out and take part in the shows, they are alot of fun and a great chance to catch up with other Gypsy Cob lovers as well as help to promote the breed.  

2020 - 2021 Show Results: North Island & South Island + Ridden Wins Table

2019 - 2020 Show Results

2018 - 2019 Show Results

2017 - 2018 Show Results

2016 - 2017 Show Results

2015 - 2016 Show Results


2014 - 2015 Show Results

2012 - 2014 Show Results

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